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Mapa Oaxaca Platform Puts the Power of Data into the Hands of Mexican Communities

Raul Padilla Calderon is an IT consultant working with the Oaxacan government on Biodiversity matters, and Floriberto Vásquez Ruiz works within the Oaxacan state government as the Undersecretary for Climate Change, Natural Resources and Biodiversity. In Oaxaca, Mexico, 78% of the land is controlled by local communities— that’s over 9,375,000 hectares. Yet, although these communities […]


Hundreds of US Communities are Making Climate Action Plans, but Few Include Forests

Hundreds of communities across the US are developing ambitious climate action plans to reduce their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, but most overlook a critical piece of the puzzle: trees. Across the US, forests and trees offset 13 percent of national emissions. With improved conservation, restoration and land management, that number could jump to 21 percent. […]


Coatis, Conservation and Cattle Smuggling: The Forests of Petén-Veracruz

Stretching from the Mexican state of Veracruz down to Guatemala and into Belize, the forests of Petén-Veracruz compose a large portion of Central America’s lush tropical landscape.  The Petén-Veracruz Moist Forests are considered an “ecoregion” — a subset of the 14 major biomes designated by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). There are 867 terrestrial ecoregions representing distinct collections of species […]

blog Pela Beungga Ranger Leaving for Patrol – Sept 2014

Global Forest Watch Small Grants Fund Launching in Early January

By Jordan Faires Global Forest Watch is excited to announce that the 2015 Small Grants Fund will begin accepting applications in early January from civil society organizations hoping to leverage technology to improve forest management. The application period will run through February, after which exceptional applicants will be awarded funding for projects that strengthen local […]


4 Ways GIS Mapping Can Empower Forest Communities in Indonesia

By Lisa Johnston, Andrew Leach, Andhyta Utami and Ariana Alisjahbana Indonesia has one of the world’s highest rates of deforestation, as well as millions of people dependent on forests for their livelihoods. Many live in traditional (adat) communities, which until recently lacked legal rights to the lands they have used and protected for generations. Last year’s Constitutional Court ruling could effectively return the […]