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tree seedlings growing sequester carbon

New Global Maps Estimate Forest Carbon Fluxes in Unprecedented Detail

What you need to know about how GFW’s carbon flux data was created and how it differs from the other estimates out there.


Forests Absorb Twice as Much Carbon as They Emit Each Year

New data maps global carbon flux in forests, letting us quantify CO2 emissions and sequestration in local forests or countries to continents.

naturally regenerating forest

Young Forests Capture Carbon Quicker than Previously Thought

New research shows natural forest regrowth, as opposed to reforestation by tree planting, can capture more carbon dioxide from the air than previously thought.

Bobcat fire Los Angeles

6 Graphics Explain the Climate Feedback Loop Fueling US Fires

Increased emissions lead to higher temperatures and more fire-prone conditions. More fires mean more emissions, fueling rapid climate change.

A farm landscape sits near a national park in Costa Rica

Climate Change Will Alter Forests as We Know Them

Fires, pest infestations and stunted tree growth— climate change could have big negative impacts on the forests we know and depend upon.


A Carbon-Neutral Land Sector by 2040? Here’s How to Get There

The 1.5 mark holds special resonance in the climate struggle. In the Paris Agreement, Parties agreed to try to limit warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius for the best chance at avoiding the worst impacts of climate change. This August, a special report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change unveiled another 1.5 mark: temperatures over land have already risen […]


Hundreds of US Communities are Making Climate Action Plans, but Few Include Forests

Hundreds of communities across the US are developing ambitious climate action plans to reduce their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, but most overlook a critical piece of the puzzle: trees. Across the US, forests and trees offset 13 percent of national emissions. With improved conservation, restoration and land management, that number could jump to 21 percent. […]

Costa Rican Forest

By the Numbers: The Value of Tropical Forests in the Climate Change Equation

Protecting tropical forests is essential for achieving the climate goals of the Paris Agreement. Global Forest Watch Climate recently released estimated carbon dioxide emissions associated with the 2017 tropical tree cover loss data, and the numbers demonstrate more of what we already knew. If tropical tree cover loss continues at the current rate, it will be nearly impossible to keep warming below the […]

Screen Shot 2016-11-16 at 11.01.57 AM

3 new features on GFW Climate measure progress on forest conservation goals

By Nancy Harris and Carolyn Ciciarelli Since GFW Climate launched in Paris last December, we have been hard at work to move users beyond just viewing pixels on a map to better understanding how those pixels translate to real world impacts on international climate change mitigation efforts. GFW Climate has released three new features that […]

July 2016

Map of the Week: Viewing Historic Fire Risk in Indonesia

By Sofia Soto Reyes Last year, Indonesia’s fire season was one of the worst on record. As such, vigilance in monitoring weather conditions is crucial. This task has been made easier as GFW Fires recently released a Fire Risk map. Satellite-based data on temperature, humidity, and rainfall is used to estimate how wet or dry tree […]

Indonesia May07 Highlights 021

Destruction of Tropical Peat Is an Overlooked Source of Emissions

By Nancy Harris and Sarah Sargent Tersedia dalam Bahasa sini. Peat drainage canals, combined with fire, are used to make land more suitable for agriculture. Photo by Julius Lawalata, World Resources Institute (Flickr). Tropical regions face an emissions challenge from an important, but relatively little-known source: drained peatland. Peat soil, made up of partially decomposed, wet […]


What Indonesia Doesn’t Know About Peatlands Could Undermine its Climate Goals

By Hidayah Hamzah and Reidinar Juliane Peat swamp forests of the Katingan Peatland Reserve in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia. Photo by James Anderson/WRI (Flickr). Peat forests, or wetlands, are some of the most important ecosystems for Indonesia and climate change. The country holds the largest tropical peatland in the world, which acts as a major carbon sink. […]