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4 Species That Went Extinct This Century Because of Forest Loss

Scientists have a better understanding of the number of stars and galaxies in the universe than the number of species currently on earth. A little more than 1.7 million species have been described by science and estimates of the total number of species on earth vary wildly between 3 and 100 million. Yet each year this staggering amount of diversity takes a hit.  Research suggests that Earth is currently experiencing its sixth mass extinction. (The last extinction took out the dinosaurs 66 million […]

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World Lost 8 Percent of its Remaining Pristine Forests Since 2000

By Nancy Harris, Rachael Petersen and Susan Minnemeyer Not all forests are created equal. Some of the most important forest ecosystems in the world are large areas of pristine wilderness, known as “Intact Forest Landscapes (IFL).” These ecosystems play a critical role in maintaining biodiversity and regulating the climate, and provide services such as water and […]