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4 Species That Went Extinct This Century Because of Forest Loss

Scientists have a better understanding of the number of stars and galaxies in the universe than the number of species currently on earth. A little more than 1.7 million species have been described by science and estimates of the total number of species on earth vary wildly between 3 and 100 million. Yet each year this staggering amount of diversity takes a hit.  Research suggests that Earth is currently experiencing its sixth mass extinction. (The last extinction took out the dinosaurs 66 million […]


This 23-year Old Woman is Innovating Forestry in Her Home Country

Sophie Gogibedashvili decided she wanted to be a forester during a hike in her second year of university. In the middle of Georgia’s Borjomi-Kharagauli National Park she was overwhelmed with emotion. “The forest was talking to me,” Sophie recalls. She is still touched by the memory even now, in her office at Georgia’s Center for […]


New Plantations Map Sheds Light on Complexities of Deforestation

Many of us think of forests as pristine wilderness, minimally disturbed by humans. But today’s forests are far more complex. New data available on Global Forest Watch (GFW) enables us to understand another dimension of modern forests — trees planted and managed by humans. Though far from pristine natural forests, planted trees play many critical […]


Using Maps, This Community Fought a logging Company and Won

The air is filled with the distinctive smell of burned wood in the tiny village of Sabue, tucked away in the crescent of the foothills of the Caucasus mountains. Misho Keinoshvili and his father chop wood for the wood burner to heat their house, while the sound of running water from the outside sink murmurs […]


Map of the Week: Tracking Logging Roads in the Congo Basin

By Sofia Soto Reyes Western Lowland Gorilla (in captivity). Source: Heather Paul (Flickr). License available here. Located in western equatorial Africa is a vast expanse of green that blankets six Congo Basin countries: Cameroon, Central African Republic, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon, Democratic Republic of the Congo and Republic of the Congo. Second only to the Amazon rainforest […]


New Satellite System Analyzes Brazil’s Forests Weekly. Will It Help Curb Deforestation?

By James Anderson and Mikaela Weisse As Rio’s Olympic stadiums empty and athletes head home, Brazil’s big moment in the global spotlight seems to be drawing to a close. But if we take the opening ceremony’s commentary on forest restoration and climate change to heart, Brazil is more relevant than ever. Brazil’s forests, from the […]


PARTNER POST: Five Percent of Canada’s Pristine Forests are Fragmented or Degraded, Affecting Up to Six Endangered Species

By Wynet Smith and Ryan Cheng Find out more about Global Forest Watch Canada’s IFL data methodology here. Grizzly cubs along the Atnarko River, Tweedsmuir South Provincial Park, British Columbia. Photo by Mick Thompson (license information here). Deep in the pristine forests of Canada, far from the reach of human activity, endangered grizzlies and boreal […]



In the previous MAAP #25 and MAAP #26, we illustrated deforestation hotspots in the Peruvian Amazon for the periods 2012-2014 and 2015*, respectively. Here in MAAP #32, we present a complementary analysis based on the size of deforestation events. Graph 32a shows the comparative results of deforestation patterns between 2013 and 2015, indicating that: Small-scale (< 5 hectares) accounted for the vast majority of […]


Map of the Week: Large-Scale Logging Threatens Europe’s Last Primeval Forest

By Liz Cole Białowieża Forest in Belarus. Source: Marc Veraart (Flickr). One of the world’s oldest and largest primeval forests is under threat due to recent approval of industrial logging in Poland. Spanning the border of Poland and Belarus, the Białowieża Forest is the last of the lowland forests, which covered all of Europe following […]

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Tracing the paths to forest destruction: new crowdsourcing initiative tackles logging roads in the Congo Basin

By Thomas Maschler, Leo Bottrill and Rachael Petersen “Roads are the seeds of tropical forest destruction,” said the prominent ecologist Thomas Lovejoy. But until now, roads have been difficult to map and visualize, often discovered only after they have been abandoned and the damage to the forest around them has been done. A new tool aims to bring these […]


New GFW Maps Show Vast Logging, Oil Palm and Plantation Concessions in Sarawak

By Rachael Petersen, Samantha Gibbes and Mikaela Weisse Sarawak, a Malaysian state on the historically richly forested island of Borneo suffers from high rates of deforestation, but understanding this dynamic is made difficult by government secrecy and lack of transparency. Official maps of logging, oil palm and wood fiber concessions for Sarawak are hard to come by; the government does not […]

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Global Forest Watch News Roundup: Week of November 3

GFW News Roundup: Forest stories from around the world that demonstrate the power of spatial analysis and open data in improving management of forest landscapes To learn more about GFW, a dynamic online forest monitoring and alert system, click here, or follow us on twitter at @globalforests. Top Reads of the Week Agribusiness steps up […]