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Stripped earth at an Arco Minero gold mine in Venezuela.

Venezuelan People and Forests Suffer as Gold Mining Advances

The Arco Minero — a massive gold mining operation — has threatened Venezuela’s forests and the Indigenous communities that live there.

logs sit by road in ecuador

Progress Must Speed Up to Protect and Restore Forests by 2030

Progress on stopping deforestation and restoring forests must dramatically speed up in order to meet the 2030 NYDF goals.


Fires, Floods and Farming as Seen by Satellites

Satellites, constantly orbiting around our planet, see just about everything. Which means that when a tree falls in a forest, satellites know about it. Global Forest Watch’s (GFW) tree cover loss data, derived from NASA satellite imagery, can pinpoint where trees have fallen around the world. To help us understand what might have caused this […]


The World Lost a Belgium-sized Area of Primary Rainforests Last Year

The tropics lost 12 million hectares of tree cover in 2018, the fourth-highest annual loss since record-keeping began in 2001. Of greatest concern is the disappearance of 3.6 million hectares of primary rainforest, an area the size of Belgium. The figures come from updated data from the University of Maryland, released today on Global Forest […]

Amazon – Brazil, 2011.©Neil Palmer/CIAT

Map of the Week: GLAD Alerts show recent loss in Brazil’s Jamanxim National Park

By Sofia Soto Reyes Parrot in the Amazon, Brazil. Source: Neil Palmer/CIAT for Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR/Flickr). License available here. The Amazon Rainforest is home to one-tenth of all plant and animal species on the planet and produces one-fifth of all the oxygen we breathe. Monitoring and protecting such a rich natural resource […]


UrtheCast offers a high-resolution view of the world’s forests on Global Forest Watch

By Octavia Payne and Karla Renschler Today, UrtheCast became the latest company to lend its immense earth observation capacity to conservation efforts. In partnership with Global Forest Watch (GFW), UrtheCast is providing free access to high-resolution satellite imagery—15m pansharpened Landsat 8 imagery, 22m Deimos-1 imagery and 5m Theia imagery—through the GFW platform. The new GFW feature […]


PARTNER POST: MAAP #21: Illegal Gold Mining Deforestation Enters Tambopata National Reserve (Madre de Dios, Peru) [High-Resolution View]

*Note: During the review process for this article, a major operation against illegal mining activities was carried out by the Peruvian government in the area described below. Image 21a illustrates a recent illegal gold mining invasion of the Tambopata National Reserve. Tambopata is an important protected area in the southern Peruvian Amazon (department of Madre de Dios). Image 21a compares two […]


PARTNER POST: New ACT web mapping initiative “Amazon Gold Rush: Gold Mining in Suriname” published

This StoryMap was created by the Amazon Conservation Team. Click here to view full sized.


Tar Sands Threaten World’s Largest Boreal Forest

By  Rachael Petersen, Nigel Sizer and Peter Lee Photo by Ken Owen. Canada’s boreal forest is one of Earth’s major ecological treasures. Yet the region’s forests are under threat from logging, hydrodams and mining. Satellite data reveals a major new threat to Canada’s boreal forests—tar sands development. According to data from Global Forest Watch, an online mapping platform that monitors forests in […]