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A community group in Aceh, Indonesia uses Forest Watcher to monitor deforestation

VIDEO: Patrol the Leuser Ecosystem with Forest Defenders at HAkA

It’s the last place on Earth where orangutans, Sumatran rhinos and elephants and tigers still roam wild together, and it’s under threat. The Leuser ecosystem in Indonesia is a hotspot for biodiversity and a vital carbon sink, but encroachment from logging and oil palm and rubber plantations is eating away at the forest. Forest, Nature and Environment of Aceh (HAkA), an organization dedicated to protecting the environment in Indonesia’s […]


Introducing Global Forest Watch’s 2020 Small Grants Fund Recipients

This year’s SGF recipients will bring GFW tools and data to more people who can take action against deforestation.

1. Samarinda, East Kalimantan

Announcing GFW’s 2019 Tech Fellows and Small-Grant Recipients

Global Forest Watch (GFW) is excited to announce the 2019 Tech Fellows and Small Grants Fund recipients. Both these programs provide funding to individuals and organizations using GFW tools to monitor and protect forests. The Tech Fellowship gives individuals the technical skills to implement a forest monitoring project and share their knowledge with others in […]

GFL Students

“Global Forest Link” Platform Uses GFW to Connect Students Around the World

Global Forest Link is an innovative online platform that brings Global Forest Watch (GFW) tools and data into middle and high school classrooms. Managed by two former grantees of GFW’s Small Grants Fund (SGF), Global Forest Link empowers students to explore local forests through firsthand experiences, hone their digital communications skills and engage in a […]


In Riau, Women Organize for Environmental Justice

By Patrick Nease and Octavia Payne A dusty road to Sungai Berbari village. Photo by Women Research Institute. A group of women from Sungai Berbari, a village in Riau, Indonesia, blockade a road that leads to a nearby oil palm plantation. They’re protesting the companies that operate the plantation because they failed to water the […]


Announcing the 2017 Small Grants Fund Recipients

By Patrick Nease and Jessica Webb Global Forest Watch (GFW) is thrilled to announce this year’s recipients of the Small Grants Fund! Nine new projects join 36 previous recipients from around the world in integrating GFW tools and data into their work to improve forest outcomes. The focus of this year’s Small Grants Fund—now in […]


PARTNER POST: Mobile technology helps smallholder oil palm farmers move towards sustainability

By Mike Senior, Bella Sosa and Sophie Higman, Proforest In Honduras, smallholders supply about 50 percent of all oil palm fruit bunches to mills. Although a critical source of income and rural livelihoods, such smallholdings can drive deforestation and have other adverse environmental and social impacts, such as pollution and poor labour standards. In a […]

Copy of Gender Training Activity

GFW User Profile: Sita Aripurnami and Edriana Noerdin

For this installment of GFW User Profiles, we spoke with Sita Aripurnami and Edriana Noerdin, founding members of Women Research Institute, a Small Grants Fund recipients from Jakarta, Indonesia. Sita Aripurnami and Edriana Noerdin. How did you become interested in forests? We are interested in how development impacts the community, women in particular, and how […]

FUNDEPS Community

StoryMap: Looking Back on the 2015 Small Grants Fund

By Liz Cole The Small Grants Fund empowers civil society groups to improve forest monitoring using Global Forest Watch, and each year brings a new round of exciting, innovative projects. Let’s take a look at what the 2015 recipients achieved! Click here to launch the StoryMap. BANNER PHOTO: Photo by FUNDEPS.


Announcing the 2016 Recipients of the Small Grants Fund

By Liz Cole and Jessica Webb Global Forest Watch is proud to introduce this year’s 11 Small Grants Fund recipients. These organizations will join the distinguished cadre of 25 past grantees in using Global Forest Watch tools, data and knowledge to improve forest management, transparency and accountability around the world. Launched in 2013, the Small […]

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This post originally appeared on MAAP, which is a project of the Amazon Conservation Association (ACA)—a  Global Forest Watch Small Grants Fund recipient. Deforestation continues to increase in the land owned and operated by United Cacao near the town of Tamshiyacu in the northern Peruvian Amazon. Since 2013, we have documented the deforestation of 2,380 hectares (5,880 acres) related […]


GFW Launches 2016 Small Grants Fund

A community workshop in the Northern Cardamoms, Cambodia. Courtesy of GERES. By Jessica Webb Does your nonprofit organization work on wildlife habitat monitoring and enforcement? Supporting community forest management? Training journalists on environmental issues? Developing strategies to address local drivers of deforestation? Global Forest Watch, a near real-time forest monitoring platform, is a powerful tool […]